6T9 Motorcycle Lubricating Products

Ever heared of 6T9? If not, here is what we think of the 6T9 products.

Let's start with the chain and the RED labeled Hi-Speed Chain Lube.

The very first problem with chains is that riders often do not care enough and that sets the bar pretty high for chain lube manufacturers. The main focus for chain lube is to reduce the friction. With less friction comes more horsepower, this is often an unknown fact in the motorcycle industrie. For that reason it is important that the lube stays were it belongs, between the rollers, side plates and the outer side plates. To ensure that, 6T9 uses an anti-fling agent.
This product is meant to be used on you street motorcycle and racebike and it does it's job just perfectly.
We took our bike out for ride after lubricating the chain, so far everything was good. After a week of riding the chain lube still was more or less in a good condition, still enough on the chain to ensure lubrification.


A fun thing about the RED spray from Team6T9 is the smell. A lot of sprays don't smell very good but here we have the first chain lube that smells like heaven, a pretty nice touch of Strawberry. Now you can spray your chain in the living room without upsetting the wife. Perfect!

Apart from the good smell 6T9 even thought about the "almost empty problem". The Aerosol even works upside down allowing you to squeeze every last bit out of the can.

For about 13€ (£11,69) you will get a really well working, strawberry smelling chain lube.


Now let's take a closer look at the ORANGE Foam Degreaser.

This product has one job and it does it very good. The ORANGE Foam Degreaser in meant to clean your wheels and bodywork from any chain lube grease. It's a very cool product, especially because it has a natural solvent-based formula.

Simply spray the foam on the surface you want to clean, give it a bit of time and then simply wash it off. Like the Hi-Speed Chain Lube, the Foam Degreaser Spray can also works upside-down, so you can with any problem clean the bike from underneath.

Funny thing here is that it smells like if you are peeling an orange, the advantage is you can spray this over your clothes just before heading home and nobody will notice you were in your garage the whole day. Perfect.

The price is £9,69 (should be around 11€)


So here we have the all-rounder from 6T9, the Lubricating oil.

This one does pretty much everything and more. The Lubricating oil can be used on every mechanism that is a bit sticky, for example footrests, hinges or even you levers.

It can also be used to for an easier removal of nuts and bolts.

The product can also be used to clean your chain, at least this is what we did with it and it worked just fine.


Find out more on team6t9.com