KTM 690 Duke R

For the fans of the legendary LC4 engine, things have always been very clear: the same amount of fun can’t be achieved from any other single cylinder bike. However, the technicians in Mattighofen would not be KTM engineers if they were satisfied with previous achievements.

For the latest edition, the engineers have once again pulled out all the stops, increasing the performance of the power single to a full 73 hp (54 kW, +7%) and a veritable mountain of 74 Nm of torque (+6%).

The R version with the Akrapovič exhaust has even more power at now 75 hp (55 kW). Does not sound like much but the bike only weights 148kg (dry weight).
Just as nice is the fact that this comprehensive development has widened the powerband by yet another 1,000 RPM. That means the power delivery gets noticeably more uniform even in the lower rev range. And that is not all: thanks to its optimized intake and exhaust systems, the new LC4 engine even complies with the Euro 4 emission control standards.

The engine still has the same amount of displacement, but the bore has been enlarged by 3 mm while the stroke has been reduced accordingly. Furthermore the engine got new hardware, new pistons, crankshaft,connecting rod and way more. Making it the reliabliest LC4 engine.

The power delivery is actually very smooth, let’s say upwards the 5000RPM it gets all its power and never loses any punch until the rev limiter.

The slipper clutch of the new 690 DUKE automatically reduces spring pressure on the clutch discs whenever the engine back torque becomes excessive. The slipper clutch just works fine, but if you want to slide, like with a supermoto this slipperclutch makes very difficult. The least I can say is that it does its job pretty good.

So if you really want to enjoy the sporty side you ll have to change your riding modes. Drifiting out of cornes is possible but first select the sport mode. There you have a direct throttle response and a certain amount of slippage will be allowed, in order to slide or even drift. The Motor Slip Regulation does the exact opposite of the traction control, it opens the throttle in order to prevent rear wheel lock up and in combination with the slipper clutch, you have no chance to lock up!
ABS, MTC and MSR also work with the lean angle of the bike. taking the current lean angle into account.

The ABS has a mode called Supermoto mode, in which the system will only control the front brake.

Rear brake pressure is fully controlled by the rider, who gains the option to introduce a controlled slide by a well-controlled rear wheel lock-up – if riding on a closed-off track. Thanks to the Supermoto mode, the ABS can remain engaged even on race tracks, increasing safety even there.
The hardware itself is a 320mm brake disc on the front equipped with an M50 Brembo Monoblock supported by the rear 240mm brake disc.

The KTM Duke R now also comes with an TFT display.
In addition, the left half of the TFT display serves as the screen of the on-board computer which is operated via the four illuminated keys of the mode switch on the left handlebar controls. Among others, it can be used to configure the new assistance systems and individual display options, according to the rider’s requirements. Operation, even on the go, is very easy and highly intuitive.

WP fully adjustable Suspension is only available for the R version.
Here we have an increased suspension travel of 150mm compared to 135mm for the normal Duke. The same counts for the rear monoshock, 150mm travel work. The rear is fully adjustable in preload, rebound and compression, also allowing adjustments for high-speed and low-speed. As for the front we have the left fork for the compression settings and the right one for rebound settings.

Have a look on how the Duke R performs on the racetrack (Spa Francorchamps, Belgium)