Ducati Multistrada S Pikes Peak

The Multistrada has been built for a few years now and still is one of the best in its segment. Due to Ducatis success at the legendary hillclimb-race in Colorado, Ducati has decided to release a Pikes Peak version of the Multistrada.

At first we can’t spot big differences between the Pikes Peak version and the standard Multistrada but there are a few major things that make this edition far more interesting.
Carbon for example has been put everywhere, even the windscreen is fully made from carbon and all this carbon fiber gives the bike a special, very sporty, look. You also get a beautiful Termignoni exhaust, generating a lovely L-Twin melody (with a LOT of loud bangs). Our testbike had a full titan exhaust system mounted, taking the sound to another level.

The Multistrada also comes with a full golden package from the Swedish manufacturer, Öhlins. This means the bike is fully adjustable to your needs. This also means that the Multistrada offers you a very good road feedback and allows you to drive it very sporty. The sportiness of this bike was really impressive, we are used to a lot of sportbikes but for this category we are used to a more, let’s say, sport-touring behavior. The Pikes Peak performance was a nice surprise and we wouldn’t be surprised to see one of those on the track.

Now for the Brakes, Ducati gives you the best they have in their segment, the Brembo M50, also mounted on the Panigale 1299 and well known for outstanding performance. Only the rear brake is a little bit bigger on the Multistrada Pikes Peak, here you get a 20mm lager disc.

Let’s talk about the engine; the engine is a Testastretta DVT, which combines Ducati’s Desmodromic with a variable Valve control, offering you the best possible power deliverance. Another interesting thing is the spark plug system; the spark plugs are controlled simultaneously at lower revs, in order to obtain a more efficient combustion in a shorter time.

You also get the Ducati electronic package, offering:

  • Traction-control
  • Wheelie-control
  • Dynamic bend-light
  • Cornering ABS
  • Cruise-Control
  • AND different riding-modes like Urban, Touring, Sport an Enduro.
  • Keyless system

Ducati also offers you the possibility to personalize the Multistrada, for example you can get 4 different packages, the Urban, Touring, Sport and Enduro-package as well as accessories like Side bags, Engine protectors, tank pockets and a lot more.

Multistrada S Pikes Peak images (click)