Kawasaki Versys 1000


Kawasaki Versys 1000

Kawasaki’s in-line four fun package for long distance travel.
At first, the Kawasaki can be misleading and might not seem like that much fun. However, she has a very sporty side. Here are three reasons why you definitely make the right choice with going for this machine:

  1. You buy a bike that has an in-line four engine, this makes the bike extremely easy and calm.
  2. You feel enormously comfortable onboard this machine.
  3. The bike is quite accessible with a price tag of around € 12.500.

The Versys 1000 engine
The Versys 1043cc engine is very fun to ride, due to its torque in the low-mid range and the very fast throttle response. The engine was taken from the Z1000 and Kawasaki modified it in order to make it “touring” suitable. The engine delivers 118hp at 9000rpm and has 102Nm of torque at 7700rpm. You don’t get the same punch as on a Z1000 in the high rev zones, so if you decide to take your Versys 1000 for a sporty run, make sure to shift your gear in the mid rev zone in order to exploit the full amount of torque.

Kawasaki versys 1000 engine

Versys Suspension, forks & brakes
Kawasaki aimed for a tourer with a sporty touch, for this reason the Versys has new Kayaba-forks with preload and rebound adjustments. This also counts for the rear suspension.
90% of the time the Versys chassis allows you to go quite quick. However, the Kawasaki dandles in some long curves, which limits the potential of the engine and the brakes. By the way, the brakes are from the Z1000.

Nevertheless, if you drive on bumpy roads, the Kayaba suspensions work just fine. The long travel work of 150mm makes the bike very enjoyable.

As to the ABS-system, Kawasaki has opted for the new Bosch-ABS 9.1 MP. The system is used by a lot of bikes and works very well. At this point Kawasaki has chosen one of the finest systems, giving the bike an extra point concerning safety. The discs have a diameter of 310mm with four piston calipers, a perfect package for strong stopping power.

kawasaki versys action

What else speaks for the Kawasaki Versys 1000?
The Kawasaki Versys has different engine mappings, this makes the bike fun to ride even in rainy conditions (rain mode). Another big advantage of the bike, is the fact that they reinforced the rear frame for more load capacity, as well as the big side-cases and top-case that are able to fit integral helmets inside.
The wide range of options for this bike, that allow you to adapt the bike according to your needs, is an additional asset.
Last but not least, the assist and slipper clutch, which directly come from racing technology, help you during your gear shifting.


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