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About us

We are a young team of motorcycle enthusiasts based in Luxembourg and operating in BENELUX / Europe.

Our Mission is twofold.

Motorcycles News
First we want to inform about the newest Trends, Events and technological advancements in the World of two wheels. We do so with our Videos and articles. Our main focus is to deliver you the latest news, reviews, event-videos, raw onboard footage, soundchecks and of course wheelies. We have 4 channels, this is because we produce our reviews and news in 4 languages. Our English channel is our main channel where you’ll find the most videos, like events and onboard. (other languages: German, Luxembourgish, French)


Second, we want to promote our motorcycle community / motorcycle club (Cracking Mechanics Club A.S.B.L). This includes organizing gatherings, safety events, and generally trying to give the general public a better image of the motorcycle world. Our Community is often looked in a negative light and we want to change that by building a strong driving community that knows how to have fun. Stay in Informed and become part of our community by following us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and our Website to keep track of what we’re up to.



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