'Double-style’ Yard Built XSR700 by Rough Crafts

Nearly everything today is made in Taiwan due to Money-savings in the production. But here we have a special product, which isn't designed to ensure budget-savings in the production. Oh no sir, this is high quality, this is high-end creativity, this is AWESOME. 

Yamaha's Yard Built programme introduces the new XSR700 by Rough Crafts. After the #GuerillaFourXJR1300, the master Taiwanese builder #WinstonYeh and Rough Crafts have been chosen by Yamaha for the first custom build of this year.

The whole frame of the XSR700 is still the same, but for the rest Winston Yeh had the total freedom to put on his own style. On the pictures you can see 2 different bikes, but he didn't build 2 bikes separately, no he built a 2-in-one version of the XSR, called the double style!
The simple-to-change kits transform the Yamaha in under an hour between the Café Racer, 'The Corsa Scorcher' and a dirt track ready scrambler, 'The Soil Scorpion'. 

Winston wanted the Kit to be as versatile as possible, because first he couldn't decide if he wan't to build a Café Racer with clip-ons or a Tracker with flat bars. So the idea was that customers can build the bike they want.

For the bike he designed a set of triple trees that can run a set of YZF-R1 forks along with R1 axle, brakes and wheels designed for the R1 front end. He then used the same design rear wheel made for the XSR700 to get a direct bolt on front and rear custom wheel with inverted forks.

Because he wanted to build a 2-in-one version, for street AND Dirt usage, he installed a #SharkX2E fully adjustable #remoteControlDigitalSuspension to make it quickly adjustable for tarmac riding or dirt fun.

Café Racer features

This version of the bike features some #ultraLightweightCarbonFibreWheels from Rotobox and #clip-onsFromGillesToolingAlso the #AkrapovičTitaniumTailPipe is from the R1.

Scrambler features

Instead of the Carbon wheels, the Scrambler wheels are lightweight forged and made by Wukawa Industry Co. A handmade flat bar and an Akrapovič titanium XSR700 high pipe are modified to Dirt Track style.

Features of both versions

The rear brake caliper is standard XSR with a #BeringerDiscSetUp. A Wukawa Industry sprocket is fitted too. The Gilles Tooling rear sets and MS Pro foot pegs. The smaller #aluminiumTank underneath the fairings is also made by MS Pro. Rough Crafts parts, like the #GrillTypeHeadlight, #fuelCap, #theCarbonBodyUnit and the velocity stacks set off the motor itself.