Honda presents its Moto Riding Assist

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (US), Honda not only revealed some automobile- concepts, but also a spectacular technology named Honda Moto Riding Assist. With modern robotic technologies, this Assist gives the bike a self-balancing ability especially while riding at speeds below 3 mph and while standing around, so it doesn’t needs a sidestand.
Furthermore the bike can follow you with low speed, after you tap it.

The bike looks similar to the Honda NC, this is because they actually use a NC-platform.

It doesn’t rely on heavy gyroscopes to balance itself like the Bmw’s vision concept motorcycle, NO, it uses the technology that Honda also used in its Asimo-Robot and their Uni-CUB electric scooter.

This bike is equipped with a steer-by-wire system, that disengages the handlebars from the front forks at speeds below 3 mph, passing control of the front wheel to the computer. It also adjusts the angles of the front forks, so the wheelbase gets longer and it lowers the bike to improve stability. The Concept-Honda can stand perfectly upright, all on its own, because she senses lean angles and moves the front wheel to either side, a zillion times per second, to prevent any possible tip over.

In the future, this technology may would be perfect for riders, which are too small for their bikes or for riders who own bikes, that are too heavy.