6 motorcycles that you may not know

1) Gilera CX

It’s not looking like a 125 right?... but…Yeah it is a 125cc bike, which was released in 1991 by the italian manufacturer GILERA. Drag coefficiency is often denoted using C over X and everything about the CX’s styling is about Speed and Aerodynamics. Federico Martini was the engineer behind this special bike.

Powered by the 2-stroke engine from the Gilera MXR 125 (1989), she produces 30hp at 10 200 rpm. She has a 6-gear transmission and delivers a 170 km/h Topspeed.

Other characteristics are the SSS (single suspension system), that works like a classic front fork, but only uses one arm, instead of two.

Price was around 4.650 Euros.

2) Confederate R131 Fighter (Confederate Motorcycles)

If the Devil was a biker, maybe this would be his ride. At first glance you think it’s a stripped cruiser bike, where you can see the whole frame and stuff, but you ain’t right. THIS whole thing that you see is the actual bike.

The bike is made out of Aircraft-grade aluminium (6061 aluminium alloy). Powered by a 2146cc V-twin-engine and a 5-speed transmission. Further features are the carbon fiber wheels and the 4-piston Brembo braking system.

Price was around 94.000 Euros.

3) Alligator A6

Launched in 2002, it is the 6th generation of the Alligator, built by Dan Gurney. The idea: A lower center of gravity, this is why the seat-position is so low. Looks hilarious, but it isn’t. ‘‘Cycle World‘‘ tested an A6 back in time and the 0-50 km/h time of 1.1 seconds was quicker than any streetbike the magazine has ever tested and the 0-100 km/h time is around 3.1 seconds. This is due to the 70 hp single-cylinder 710 cc Honda engine (230 km/h topspeed). The braking performance was also impressive, the stopping distance was shorter than on Kawasaki’s new ZX6r (ZX 636 A).

Price was around 33.000 Euros.

4) Honda Rune

Produced in 2004-2005, it was a limited (1500 bikes) Cruiser-bike from Honda with a Honda Gold-Wing engine (1832cc BOXER 6-cylinder), which produces 118 hp at 5600 rpm.
The Flagship might not be your first choice, if you’re a wimp. This bike is huge and heavy, with its 1750 mm wheelbase and an overall length of around 256 cm, it’s around 60 cm longer than a Buell XB12S. The Honda brings up a 367 kg (DRY!! Weight).

With these massive specs this bike is build for MEN!

Price was around 22800 Euros

5) Honda 750 NR

NR stands for NEW RACING which was a V4 motorcycle series started by Honda in 1979. After the NR500 GP-version, the NR750 was released in 1992, a ROADGOING homage to the NEW RACING series.

The special bit of the engine of the NR-series was the OVAL piston concept, which allowed for 8 Valves!! per cylinder (24 valves altogether) , which gives the engine more power, due to the increased air/fuel mixture troughput and cmpression. The NR750 (street-version) used an elliptical piston with curved long sides, while the NR500 (racing version) used the oval piston with straight sides.

The V4 engine 90 degrees produced around 130 hp at 14500 rpm.

The production was limited on 300 street versions at a price for around 47.000 Euro.

NR500 engine with straight sided pistons

6) Yamaha GTS 1000

The sportstourer was introduced in 1993. Even if it wasn’t commercially successful, it had advanced technologies. The most noticable characteristic on this bike is its forkless front suspension (RADD). It was the first mass-produced bike with non-telescopic front suspension. Like the Bimota Tesi (which was only build in tiny numbers). The theoretical advantage of this innovation was that it seperated the elements of suspension and steering. Suspension was handled by a horizontal alloy beam. And a vertical strut accomplished steering. Because of the horizontal beam on the left, there wasn’t any room for a brake disc, so the bike had a single brake disc up front with a six piston caliper.
Other innovations for that time were ABS, electronic fuel injection and a catalytic converter.

The innovative improvements like the better stability under braking, due to the suspension did not justify the additional costs for the consumer.

Price was around 13.000 Euros (expensive in 93).