Yamaha MT-10 Tourer Edition

Yamaha’s Naked-class flagship, the MT-10 gets a Tourer-Upgrade. The Hyper Naked platform is ideal for a dedicated package of accessories, so the MT-10 can evolve to the MT-10 Tourer Edition.

With this Version of the 1000cc Naked, Yamaha wants to reach a much wider audience.

What’s new

The MT-10 Tourer Edition shares all of its technical features with the MT-10, but in addition to the standard features you will get more comfort and functionality.
Its higher screen, the knuckle guards and the more comfortable design of the rider-seat enable you to go on longer journeys.

Increased functionality is ensured, due to the Soft ABS cases and the GPS support. The support is designed to accomodate various devices, like the TomTom rider satnav, which is available as an extra option in the Tourer package.

The price for all this accessories will be a little bit higher, if you are already an MT-10 owner and you want to buy this items separately. The fully equipped MT-10 Tourer Edition represents a sensible saving. Additionally, Yamaha and TomTom have come together to offer the TomTom Rider 410 for only 199 € to MT-10 Tourer Edition customers, this will give you a saving of 200 € on the standard price.

The Tourer-version will be available in March 2017.

Highlights of the Tourer Edition

  • Enhanced comfort and increased functionality
  • Thrilling Hyper Naked performance
  • The most versatile and exciting 1000cc naked bike 
  • Soft ABS side cases
  • High sport screen
  • Knuckle guards
  • Comfort design seat
  • GPS support
  • Optional TomTom Rider 410 satnav at special partnership price