Anthony West: I gave all my money to keep on racing.

In Phillip Island, he made it to a spectacular 3rd place, considering that he is not in a high-budget team and he gave all his money to participate in Phillip Island.

The former Kawasaki-MotoGP-rider had no luck at all, while searching for sponsors. Even australian Motorcycle-companies aren’t interested in racing-sponsoring. He had also offers from 4 supersport-teams, but he would not have earned any money from the 4 teams. He loves Racing and he would give everything to race, but even now he nearly races for free. So after this he launched a project and had to set up his own team.

The only sponsor he could get, is the Green Tea X50 – company, which pays for the whole bike. In addition to that, he was selling advertising space on his suit and on the bike to get some money. But the 35-year old racer had to pay the racetrack-fees, the mechanics in his team (there is only one friend in the team which is actually a mechanic), the tyres, gasoline and the travel-fees, which not only includes his flight tickets, but also the fees for the air freight.

This season, it will be his last chance to maybe join a team in the superbike-paddock. With a good performance in this supersport-season, he wants to achieve this goal. But last week, it didn’t look good for West. ‘‘ The whole week was a desaster, while Tests the engine was damaged and then on friday, we had an engine blow-up.‘‘ 

Over night he organized a new engine: ‘‘ There was a guy called Liam Coleby, which helped us alot, he gave us the engine from his R6, so we picked up his bike and integrated the engine into our R6 with a little performance increase. I said that there also can be damage on the engine, but he wanted to see me on the track.‘‘ West didn’t expect to land on the podium, because of the lack of 10 hp compared to other teams.

‘‘ We put every dollar in this project, said West. And i think we did our best. There are alot of parts that we borrowed from other teams and from Liam, so now we have to give it back. It all sounds like a Happy end, but it isn’t. He didn’t found any sponsor for the next race in Thailand, so he can’t participate.

So has all the effort been wasted?

We hope not, because he gave all his money and Racing is everything to him. Hopefully there will be a sponsor to let him continue racing. A Racer with passion…