These are the Weekly News from 13.03.2017 to 17.03.2017.

Topic 1  Ducati fairing

Due to the now-banned aerodynamic winglets in the MotoGP-class, there has been a lot of confusion in this years Season-preparations,      Yamaha has some Inner-Fairing-Winglets, Honda decided to take them off after a crash. And then there is Ducati… With the Hammerhead-fairing, which looked shocking at the first moment, but after you looking on it over and over again you’re actually getting used to it. Nevertheless, they better have to win races with this pretty ugly but maybe genius aerodynamic feature, because otherwise there will be nothing left for the Ducati MotoGP-team, not even the beatiful Design.
Well at least they are confident, that this technical masterpiece is going to work. Hopefully.

Topic 2 Evoke e-bike build by Iphone maker Foxconn
What about an e-bike built by the iPhone maker? Yeah you heard about right: The China-based start-up, Evoke Motorcycles has contracted with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to build its Urban S e-bike. Priced at under 9.000 euros the Urban S is said to be much cheaper than competitors such as Zero Motorcycles, Energica and Johammer.
With a range of 133 km for city use and 83 for highway crusiing at 80 km/h, the Evoke nearly has the same specs than the Zero S ZF6.5.
The bike has a 24 hp and 116 Nm of torque, with top speed limited to 130 km/h. So for everyone, who is interested in e-bikes, but doesn’t want to pay as much as for other manufacturers, this bike should be your choice.

Topic 3 The most important MV Agusta in the world?
The faboulous MV Agusta 600 Touring turns 50 this year. This innovative Four was the world’s first production 4-cylinder motorcycle. It was born 2 years before the famous Honda 750 four and around 1,200 four-cylinder road bikes were built in a small number of increasingly powerful variations until 1977, although only 127 600s left the factory, probably because they were so expensive when new.
And now the very first MV Four is up for sale, with both its engine and frame stamped with the magic number 001. Price is… of course… on Request and to be honest I really don’t want to know how much it will cost. I am pretty sure you can buy 3 Yamaha R1’s with this money. So unfortunately not for average people.

Topic 4 Fuel-Injected KTM 2-strokes

The biggest News are coming from the austrian manufacturer KTM, stating that fuel-injection technology is now ready for two-strokes.
The new Transfer Port Injection (TPI) eliminates the need for pre-mixing of gas and oil altogether. More importantly, it drastically reduces emissions and fuel consumption.
Furthermore KTM couldn’t ban the 2-stroke engines, because there is such a big fan-base of those Enduros. After years of using carburetors for 2-strokes, Ktm now had to change something, because of the new Euro 4 emission standards.
So which bikes will be equipped with this technology?
The 2018 250EXC and 300EXC are confirmed yet to get fuel injection, but there is no statement on how this would affect the 250SX motocross-bike.
More Information will be available during the bike's worldwide launch on May 15.

Finally, we recommend you the latest video on the Mehdiator-Channel.
This video is about your motorcycle, that talks to you like it would be your dad and the bike tells you all the stories that it experienced with you, like the first time that you were sitting on it, or the first time Knee dragging.

It’s a really cool video, so check it out if you want.