These are the Weekly News from 20.03.2017 to 26.03.2017.

Topic 1 Honda motorcycle to star in Ghost in the Shell

One of the futuristic vehicles, that will appear in the upcoming movie Ghost in the Shell, is a concept bike designed by Honda. The Motorcycle is based on the Honda NM4, but with some extras like a carbon fiber frame and some LED-Details like the Honda Logo.
The bike is ridden by the main character Motoko Kusanagi, a police officer played by Scarlett Johansson.
On march 31, you can see this extraordinary Honda Concept-bike in theaters.

Topic 2 4-year old Kid riding a motorcycle
This 4-year old Kid already handles a motorcycle better than most adults. The Ukrainian baby biker Tima Kuleshov started riding a cycle without training wheels before he was 2, and only a few months later he moved over  to dirt bikes and motorcycles. No matter if dirt, pavement, Racing, or even stuntriding,… when it comes to motorcycles this little fella is clearly an allround talent. Maybe the new ukranian Valentino Rossi ? Who knows…

Topic 3 Vyrus 986 M2
The Vyrus 986 M2 Street is made for all those, who are interested in non-conventional bikes. The small italian manufacturer competed in the Moto 2 Europe Championship, now they brought their Moto 2-bike to the streets. With the 120 hp engine from the CBR 600RR and a dry weight of 151 kg, it should be lighter than every other 600 cc street bike, due to the carbon fairings.
The front-end is taken from the Bimota Tesi, then there are also brakes from Brembo and it has a Ergal aluminium frame. So it’s equipped with high-end materials.
The pricetag starts at 25.000 euros, but there will only be 50 models build.

Topic 4 MotoGP results
Rain, delays and a decision for a slightly shortened race distance prefaced the 20 laps, which were loaded with action.

Maverick Vinales had a tough fight with Andrea Dovizioso but finally Vinales takes it home and wins the race. Valentino Rossi was quite happy with his 3rd position.
Now the show is on and we are looking forward to the next race!

In the moto2 race Franco Morbidelli takes first place and wins his first ever race in moto2.
Tom Lüthi crossed the line in second, with Takaaki Nakagami completing the podium.

Joan Mir took an incredible first win in Moto3.
British rider John McPhee took second after a very nice performance, as he started from 13th position on the grid and poleman Jorge Martin only took 3rd place.

Lastly we will present you the latest video of the Yammie Noob-channel. This video is about the Triumph’s Middleweight History. Check it out if you want to.